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concrete repairIf you are reading this page, you already know about the ravages of nature over time on concrete surfaces. Constantly changing temperatures, minor ground shifts, sunshine, rain and snow all take their toll on concrete.

Concrete Maintenance Systems, Inc. specializes in the repair of cracks in concrete. Repairs are made on any concrete surface such as driveways, walkways, exterior walls, pool decks, patios, boat docks, concrete slabs, basements, and foundations. Concrete Maintenance Systems, Inc. also repairs water leaks caused by cracks in concrete.

FlexSeal™ also stops radon gas migration through cracks.

Since November 2002, Concrete Maintenance Systems, Inc. has been repairing cracks in concrete using the FlexSeal™ Crack Repair System they developed. Over 2800 local jobs (Southwest Florida) have been completed without any product failures. Cracks up to 1″ wide have been repaired with FlexSeal™ and the product has a temperature service range of -30°F to 170°F.

Repaired areas can be painted for a great looking finish. Repairs are fast, inexpensive and long lasting.

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